For 28 years, CONT-ASPHALT Ltd has been supplying bitumen in heatable containers to the working sites. A quantity of more than 5'500'000 tons has been sold to date, most of if in Africa, Caribbean, Middle East, South and we are starting into new markets like North America, China, India, Far East and South America.

The number of times and the way Bitumen is heated would have a direct impact on all its applications, including quality of roads. Through continuous Research & Development, beside its traditional container, 20 foot parallelepiped container - CA™ -with the heating system outside of the mass of the product, our company has come out with the latest design for heatable containers - the THB® container (Tank Hot Bitumen) - which are manufactured as per the latest International Standards, the heating system has been maintained from outside of the mass of the product.

The advantages of the THB® containers over conventional containers are tremendous. As such, all bitumen producers as well as the contractors would like to avail the facilities and advantages provided by it. As such there is absolutely no comparison or competitiom with the other modes of transportation of Bitumen which are available presently in world market.

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